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After 10 successful issues (now all sold out) it is time to start the next
decade. Issue 11 is planned for the end of February, if everything is OK. The
next issue will have again 60 royal glossy pages (1/3 of them full colour),
a lot of good and interesting interviews, news and more than 500 reviews.

Give our readers the chance to know about you and your activities! Advertise
in the upcoming issue of Brutallica Magazine !!!

Why should you advertise in this issue?!

a.. 3000 copies with a free CD Sampler
b.. Officially distributed in more than 90 Tower Records stores all over
the USA
c.. All previous issues are sold out
d.. Cult status in the Underground circles
e.. Good distribution network covering more than 40 countries
f.. Great ad rates, compared with other similar magazines
g.. The number of quality International Underground magazines drastically
decreased in the last two years
In case you are interested here are the ad rates and measurements:


FULL COLOUR PAGE: (metric 205 x 285 mm) = 160 Euro / 190 US$

FULL COLOUR HALF PAGE: (metric 205 x 140 or 100 x 285) = 110 Euro / 130 US$
FULL COLOUR BACK COVER (metric 205 x 285) = 200 Euro / 220 US$

FULL B&W PAGE: (metric 205 x 285 mm) = 120 Euro / 140 US$
HALF B&W PAGE: (metric 205 x 140 or 100 x 285 mm) = 70 Euro / 85 US$
QUARTER B&W PAGE: (metric 100 x 140 or 50 x 285 mm) = 40 Euro / 50 US$
SIXTH B&W PAGE: (metric 100 x 93 mm) = 25 Euro / 30 US$
BUSINESS CARD: (metric 90 x 55 mm) = 15 Euro / 20 US$

Get in touch for more information !!!

As usual the next issue will have also a Gratis CD Sampler ! Are you
interested to join with a track? This would give you a great promotion.

The cost per minute is 25 Euro / 30 US$. If you have a 2-minute long track,
for example, then participating in our compilation will cost you 50 Euro / 60
US$, if your track is 3,30 min long, then you should pay 90 Euro / 110 US$.
If you want to get a spot, you have to tell us the name of the band, as well
as title of the track and its duration.

WRITE NOW!!! It is a great possibility to promote your band in the best
possible way!

Forms of Payment:

PayPal (

Western Union (

MoneyGram (

Bank Transfer (ask for our bank account)

Well Hidden Cash (at your own risk)


Brutallica Print
Parlichev Street
Block 1, Apt. 1
5800 Pleven

tell: +359 88 836 38 14
fax: +359 64 800 593

We are professional printers, so if you're looking for cheap but quality
flyers, stickers, posters, covers, booklets, catalogues, magazines, T-shirts,
longsleeves - get in touch with us!
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Hi Brautallica Magazine ! I want to order a issue of a cheap bulgarian woman from your underground-distro that can cook and bügel my longsleeves and listens to 80ies Metal (you know, that thing that we used to listen at the other side of the iron curtain back in those days). Blond cover(s)model with great rates and measurements prefered. Can you send me one of your catalogues with 60 royal pussy pages in full colour and a hot poster, can I also get a Gratis-Sampler of a Braut ? Form of payment: well hiden hash (at your own risk). Professional Schleusers get in touch with yourself.
Well, the Deadline does not exist anymore, the Berlin wall is away because Udo Dirkscheider had schleudert his balls to the wall, you know. The Scorpions did the rest with their Gepfeife of "Wind Of Change" (remember what happened to the walls of jericho, same effect and result).
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Lucifer's Twin Anmeldedatum: 23.12.2003 Beiträge: 701 Wohnort: Hellhole Bar
Cum on ya bitchez (für Nicht-Anglophile: "nur herbei mit euren lyrischen Bewerbungen voller Grazie, Anmut und Hochgeistigkeit - Antworten werden schnellstmöglich mit der Postkutsche beantwortet), böarp ! Bulgaria or Bullrich Magensalz, that´s what I need.
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